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Group of people wearing black robes and purple sashes

The Melbourne Gospel Choir is Australia's most sought after Gospel vocal group for TV appearances and backing vocals for international artists. With their infectious joy, they are appearing at the Vision Australia's Carols By Candlelight for their 22nd year.

The Melbourne Gospel Choir actually comprises of about 18 very talented members in their own right, including numerous TV performers, theatre stars, and well known professional singers from around Melbourne, and they combine to make up this fantastic vocal group. They have performed with many different stars at Carols by Candlelight over the years, however their stunning performance in 2017 of This is Me with Keala Settle - has the most Youtube views of any Carols by Candlelight performance ever, with over 6.7 million views and counting.

The Melbourne Gospel Choirs latest Album "Christmas Live in the Streets" is entirely Acapella, every sound and instrument sound is made with the human voice, (apart from street noise) Recorded live in the streets and alleys and car parks of Melbourne, noisy places and quiet places, with the hustle and bustle of Melbourne in the background, and all tracks starting with a beloved Melbourne tram ding Its the sound of Christmas in Melbourne...