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Lucy is a smart and cheerful three-year-old, whose smile lights up any room she is in. In the first three months of Lucy’s life, she endured numerous tests and medical appointments due to her prematurity, all while glaucoma remained hidden beneath the surface as an unexpected culprit. 

Denise, Lucy’s mother, is a professional known for her clinical and rational approach to life's challenges. However, when faced with the mystery diagnosis of her daughter, even her logical mindset was shaken. 

She recalls, "From a mum's perspective, you emotionally wonder what you did wrong, even though you objectively know you didn't do anything wrong. That was difficult to rationalise. In my work, I am incredibly rational and objective, but emotions can get the better of you."

During those initial months, glaucoma was the last thing on anyone's mind. Tests were conducted to rule out other conditions and diagnoses, simply because glaucoma is exceptionally rare in children.

When glaucoma was finally diagnosed, Lucy was subsequently booked in for immediate eye corrective surgery. The procedures were successful, but in that moment, Denise remembers it feeling like a whirlwind of uncertainty. Although they finally had the diagnosis, they didn’t know what this meant for Lucy’s future and vision. 

During this challenging time, Denise was encouraged to contact Vision Australia, which would become a pivotal support system for Lucy and her family. Lucy started occupational therapy and quickly began to showcase her remarkable abilities and resilience, often surprising her parents. Nevertheless, they continued to face their share of challenges, one of the most significant being the delicate balance between the risk in assisting Lucy with letting her explore new situations independently.

Denise shares, "For me, one of the challenges is not really knowing what Lucy can see until she can tell us, and working out what she needs help with and what we need to allow her to learn on her own without coddling her. There's still that need for her to make mistakes she can learn from."

Thanks to Lucy’s supportive parents and Vision Australia's involvement, Lucy's future looks incredibly bright. She adores reading her Feelix Library books and finds immense joy in Song Play music groups. Currently, she's working on goals to enhance her fine and gross motor skills and general mobility, ensuring she can keep up with her peers in her environment.

And let’s not forget about Lucy’s furry companions, Russian Blue “Vulkan” the cat, and Beagle “Chief” the dog, who bring endless smiles to her face.

Christmas holds a special place in Lucy's family. It is a time of coming together with loved ones, a moment for reflection, and a time to express gratitude for all they have. In the face of adversity, this family finds strength in unity and the simple joys of life.

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