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Young boy stands smiling in front of his mum sitting down next to a Christmas tree

Lui's journey began when he was born prematurely at 37 weeks. From the very start, his parents knew he was a small baby, and the prospect of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) became a reality.

For the first three days of his life, Lui kept one eye closed, leaving his family in suspense. It wasn't until a week later that his second eye timidly began to open. With time, it gradually revealed more of the world around him. However, the road ahead was not without its challenges, as Lui was eventually diagnosed with Severe Right congenital ptosis.

While medical experts continued to investigate the cause of his condition, Lui's mother, Danielle, knew her son was a fighter. She recalled those initial days of concern when she feared he might never fully open his eyes, yet Lui's determination always prevailed.

"I was really worried he wouldn't be able to open his eyes at all in the first few days. He's a small little fighter that tackles things in his own way," Danielle says.

Lui's ophthalmologist recommended the family seek assistance from Vision Australia. Over time, Lui received care from speech therapists and physiotherapists, and they helped the family navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). With Lui facing developmental delays, the family unite their efforts to ensure he stays on track with his milestones.

Despite the challenges, Lui refuses to let his condition slow him down. He finds joy in spending time in the shed, his matchbox cars, and he’s formed a special bond with their dog, Carlos (who was equally smitten with Lui until he learned to playfully pull his tail).

The future remains uncertain in terms of Lui's vision, but for now, his family is committed to enhancing his communication skills and physical therapy to help him overcome any obstacles that may come his way.

"While those milestones may take longer to achieve, I'm sure Lui will get there. I just want him to have a happy, fulfilling life. And be grateful for what we have," says Dannielle.

As Christmas approaches, the family comes together to celebrate the joy of having one another. For Lui's mother, it's a time to appreciate their big, loving family.

“It’s family time and for me it’s important that we all come together and celebrate having each other. We’re lucky to have Lui, Christmas just feels extra special now that I have my own child, it’s been a long time coming.”

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