She's as bright as the moon...

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We’d like to introduce you to someone really special!


Luna is nearly three years old and has approximately 10% vision.


“I had never been around a child who has special needs. When Luna was born it was hard as I just wanted to be in her shoes so she didn’t have to go through what she was dealing with.’’


Sarah was just 19 when she had Luna. When Luna was three months old, she had an MRI scan which showed that she had Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, Nystagmus (where her eyes shake) and one eye turned in. There were also concerns that Luna could have pituitary gland problems.


Luna’s dad Jake knew something wasn’t quite right when he noticed Luna wasn’t focusing on certain objects such as the television and the hanging mobile above her bed.


With Luna being their only child he didn’t have much of a reference, but when he spotted other children and their ability to focus, Jake and Sarah decided to speak to a professional about their daughter.


Once Luna had been diagnosed, Sarah and Jake reached out to Vision Australia to seek support.


Luna is now a happy girl who is comfortable at home but still struggles when she is in a new environment.


The hardest thing for Sarah and Jake is not knowing what the future will hold for their daughter.


“We don’t know if Luna is going to need full time help when she’s 30 years old. It’s difficult not knowing what we’re going to be needing in the future to give her an opportunity to live a full and wonderful life.”


Luna on the playground