Children we support

About Vision Australia's Children’s Services

Vision Australia’s Children’s Services provides support and resources to increase independence and enables a child to participate meaningfully in every aspect of their life. Our services include orthoptists, early childhood educators, speech pathologists, orientation & mobility specialists and counsellors who work with families to provide support and knowledge to address their child’s particular needs. Vision Australia’s Children’s Services receives some funding to deliver services, but the need in the community means we are delivering far more than we are funded to do.

Olivia's story

Olivia is your typical four-year-old. She adores her sister, loves drawing and has a great group of school friends. Olivia also has regular visits with Vision Australia. 

Olivia plays with her toy tea set

Scarlett's story

 In July 2014, we welcomed our beautiful daughter Scarlett into the world. Our third child, we were so excited upon her safe arrival. All went smoothly and we were able to go home when she was just 12 hours old. However from the first moment that she could open her eyes we sensed that something wasn’t quite right.

The Ross Family

Skylah's story

Skylah is an outgoing seven-year-old with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. Like most kids her age, she loves Christmas but she particularly loves the Carols by Candlelight because she can see the lights. She even had her picture taken with Carols stalwart Denis Walter by the Geelong waterfront.

Skylah and Denis smile for a photo